The four part documentary series, Young, Gifted and Grinding highlights innovative black entrepreneurs in Britain who are carving out opportunities for themselves and turning their passion into profit.

I travelled across the country interviewing POC business owners, artists and content creators to explore their experiences and learn more about how and why they do what they do. The purpose of the series is to offer tangible, practical advice to act as a source of inspiration for this generation and the next.






The hair industry

Freddie Harrell of Big Hair No Care

Freddie Harrell of Big Hair No Care


The lucrative black hair industry is estimated to be worth $500bn globally. We will delve into the issues surrounding the black hair industry in Britain and how black female entrepreneurs in particular (especially with the natural hair movement well underway) are making significant grounds and becoming prominent figures in the industry.

New Media

Tobi and Bola of Black Ballad

Tobi and Bola of Black Ballad


User created content has allowed disenfranchised groups the ability to tell their own stories. We will explore the rise of platforms that champion marginalised voices and learn about the people behind these platforms.

The Art industry

Peniel Enchill

Peniel Enchill


The rise of social media has given the opportunity to up and coming artists to raise awareness of their artwork globally.

Platforms such as Instargam have enabled young artists to be commissioned for their work, bypassing the often traditional and exclusive arts spaces on their road to success.


Riaz Phillips of Tezeeta Press

Riaz Phillips of Tezeeta Press


The publishing episode will look at the current climate for black British authors and the publishing industry in general.

The ability to self publish has led to young black people in the UK writing about their interest and passions and having the means to publish their own work. What are they writing about and why do they think representation is so important.


Thank YOu

Special thanks to everyone who helped create this important project, with special thanks to;

Maureen Muthoni, Natasha Mwansa, Monica Mwangi, Nadia Bruney