East Street Arts

East Streets Arts was created in Leeds in 1993 to support artists to create work that brings lasting change to everyday lives. They have permanent and temporary spaces around the UK and offer all kinds of support to artists.

"Artist spaces face a variety of challenges and are historically self-organised, under-resourced and prone to burnout. They are under constant threat of funding and budget cuts, changes to business rates, legislation for their use and property development schemes."




Jamal Gerald is an artist based in Leeds. His work is conversational, socially conscious, a celebration of individuality and focuses on identity and lived experiences.

I documented rehearsals for Jamal’s latest work - Idol, which combines African diasporic ritual, music and storytelling, Idol is a spiritual journey that asks what happens when you don't see yourself represented. Featuring a host of celebrity appearances.



Andro and Eve had another great celebration of queer culture in Sheffield. I had a ball photographing the amazing attendees who took the theme of Electric Dreams and really ran with it.

Andro and Eve create unique, feel good events that celebrate queer culture where everyone is welcome. We programme excellent film, performance, and music that explores queer stories, often focusing on voices that are otherwise marginalised, to reflect and celebrate the diversity that exists within the LGBTQIA community.

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I documented the incredible multi-disciplinary artist, Selina Thompson whilst she held a week long workshop collaborating with other artists. The workshops focused on the development of Selina’s theatrical work - The Missy Eliot Project, which reflects on her own teenage years. Selina asks what it means to be a young, Black British woman today; how teenage girls negotiate and fight a culture that tries either to sexualize or infantilise them.

Made in collaboration with Black teenage girls, along with a team of talented female artists, The Missy Elliott Project is filled with the resilience and power of teenage girls. Creating a space where young women are encouraged to explore their own identity, asking questions about how society defines them, it empowers them to recognise, nurture and celebrate their own uniqueness.



I photographed the two day festival, Transforming Cinema, that aims to create a trans focused film festival giving transgender and gender nonconforming people a platform to broadcast their voices and stories.

The festival included an eclectic range talks, workshops and film screenings that explored the experience of trans people and their entrance into the TV and film industry.



It was a joy capturing the performances of the various drag kings at Andro and Eve’s event, Kingdom Come.

Adro and Eve are a Sheffield based organisation that programme film, live performance, and music that explores queer stories, often focusing on voices that are otherwise marginalised, to reflect and celebrate the diversity that exists within the LGBTQIA community.



I photographed charity - Sheffield Future’s Talent Match Conference, which is an employment programme for Sheffield City Region. It celebrates the achievements of young adults at their annual awards ceremony in December.

The ceremony included a performance from Gazebo Theatre and some amazing insight into how the young people who talk part in the programme have flourished.

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I was selected by literature organisation ,Spread the Word, to create a short film piece to accompany the poem ‘No Name Club‘, by Momtaza Mehri.

The film combines the poems themes of gentrification in London with the need to feel at home. The juxtaposition of concrete immovable structures and machinery combined with the dreamlike textures of nature add to contradiction of escapism and feelings of confinement.

"In our part of town, the pavement is an open wound, the kind we bear with pride and sometimes can’t bear at all. The evidence of our living."

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I have worked continuously with Sheffield based LGBT organisation to capture their events and recently, the launch of their merchandise.

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I was commissioned by artist Pete McKee to make a short documentary for his first exhibition titled This Class Works. The documentary explores the many layers of what it means to be working class and how concepts about being working class have changed over the years.



I photographed the Migration Matters festival which featured workshops detailing stories from people who had become refugees and now lived in Sheffield.

I photographed the Ubuntu Fashion Show and later that evening I captured the legendary poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson reciting his influential poetry about race discrimination in the UK.

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The four part documentary series, Young, Gifted and Grinding highlights innovative black entrepreneurs in Britain who are carving out opportunities for themselves and turning their passion into profit.

I travelled across the country interviewing POC business owners, artists and content creators to explore their experiences and learn more about how and why they do what they do. The purpose of the series is to offer tangible, practical advice to act as a source of inspiration for this generation and the next.

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I am the official photographer for Andro and Eve’s drag king events called Kingdom Come. The events showcase drag king talent from across the country and allow people to have fun in a unique and feel good environment focused on celebrating LGBT culture and community.

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I was commissioned to photograph SheFest’s eclectic lineup of live performances throughout the day and a range of workshops with everything from Burlesque and Poetry to Sexual Harassment and Everyday Activism.

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I created a promotional video for Kitty Cafe in Leeds, which is a unique cat shelter which allows cat lovers to get their cat fix. Customers can mingle with the cats and enjoy lunch and even adopt one of the furry friends.




I have had the pleasure of capturing numerous Afropunk events in London and Paris. Afropunk is an alternative Afrocentric festivals which encompasses African and African diaspora culture from around the world.



I photographed THE REVIVAL poetry event celebrating the work of queer women of colour. The documentary THE REVIVAL: WOMEN AND THE WORD was screened and accomplished poet DYLEMA performed.



The Lord Mayor’s Dinner was an event created by charity Sheffield Futures to help raise money for young people in Yorkshire. I captured the event and showcased the influential people who are associated with the charity and helped promote the awareness of the charity.

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I made a short documentary about a woman names Sharon who opened a black hair shop in the 80s. Her parents were part of the Windrush generation. The documentary explores her experiences as an immigrant and a black business owner in Sheffield.