Cats in Yorkshire Find their Purrrfect Match

Cats are my role models. They sit and wait for you to impress them and when you finally do, you earn their respect and if you're very lucky you may even earn their love and affection. I love their independence and the fact that when you leave the house, they're like 'don't wait up, I got business to handle on these streets'. Some people may be offended by the fact they don't constantly beg for attention and the fact they could probably survive without you but this makes the time they choose to spend with you even more sweet. 

I currently don't have a cat, so jumped at the chance to film a video for cat adoption centre, Kitty Café , in Leeds. Kitty Café are dedicated to bringing cats to full health and happiness and then re-homing our lovely feline friends. 

ginger cat 2.png
purrrect match munch 2.png

You can find out more about Kitty Cafe here and how you can find your purrrfect match and adopt one of these beauties!